What's Berkley Gulp!?

Photo: Berkley

  • Gulp! is a water-soluble, 100% biodegradable material that acts kind of like a sponge.
  • It soaks up all the fish-attracting and fish-holding-on goodness of PowerBait and disperses it in the water 400 times faster than soft-plastic baits.
  • This makes Gulp! ideal for slower, finesse-type techniques so the bait's scent can disperse in the water. "When you're dropshotting or using a shakey worm, no bait does that better than Gulp!," says Berkley's Mark Sexton. "No other bait has that kind of scent field. Plastics rely a lot more on color and action than shape."
  • PowerBait creates a scent field too, but the Gulp! scent field is a lot bigger.
  • This scent is so powerful that sometimes inshore saltwater redfish anglers will literally cast their Gulp! baits out, and wait for the fish to find the baits.
  • Like pork rinds, another natural material, Gulp! will dry out in the sun and air. For best results, remove from your hook when you're done fishing it or throw it in the livewell. If it hardens on your hook, cut it of and put it in a bowl of water, then put it in a Ziploc bag with a little water in it.
  • Watch for the new Gulp! Alive, coming soon!

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