New Berkley Tool Makes Spooling Simple

Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo: Berkley

Most anglers struggle with two things finding fish and spooling line on reels. The new Berkley Classics Mini Line Spooler won't help you find fish, but spooling line on reels has never been easier.

The compact design is so simple and spooling line no longer needs to be frustrating. No chasing down uncooperative spools or absent-mindedly causing line twists.

The sharp-looking black and red Mini Line Spooler clamps securely onto nearly any size rod. The tool can accommodate any size spool from tiny pony spools up to quarter-pound size and the line tension is adjustable to ensure reels are wound without loops and loose coils.

The compact size is great for storage in tackle boxes or in the boat. With an MSRP of only $4.99, a weather resistant Mini Line Spooler is so affordable that every nook and cranny can have one.

For more about Berkley, click here.

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