Precise Weights For Tournament Anglers

Friday, October 26, 2012

Photo: Berkley

When ounces matter, tournament anglers can look to the Berkley 35-Pound Digital Scale for precision weight measurements. With an improved accuracy of plus or minus .56 ounces, the ultra-accurate scale gives a tournament angler the confidence to cull the right fish.

This digital scale features an auto-culling system, which stores and totals up to eight weights and indicates the lightest fish for easy and accurate culling. The back-light display facilitates night use and can be shown in pounds and kilograms.

The scale has a longer battery life for extended use on the water. It also features an automatic on/off feature, giving those forgetful anglers peace of mind when hoisting another fish onto the scale.

With a soft-touch design, the Berkley 35-Pound Digital Scale gives a secure and comfortable grip. It is constructed with waterproof materials, giving anglers reassurance if by some chance the scale is doused in water. A corrosion-resistant, stainless steel hook provides long-lasting use. A storage pouch and instructions are included.

Whether you're a tournament angler looking for an edge or just an everyday fisherman wanting to be exact, the Berkley 35-Pound Digital Scale gives a precise weight measurement every time. The MSRP is $34.99.

For more about Berkley, click here.

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