Twitchtail Minnow Entices With Subtle Action

Friday, November 02, 2012

Photo: Berkley

Having versatile baits in your tackle box is one key to becoming a successful angler. Whether on a dropshot rig or a jighead, the new Berkley PowerBait 3-inch Twitchtail Minnow entices big bass or walleye.

The true action of any bait resides in its tail. The Twitchtail Minnow offers a tail that moves in little or no current, making it ideal for pressured fish.

The Twitchtail Minnow sports a new tail design, allowing for enhanced bait movement. The best way to describe it is to picture a narrowed tail with no split. The body tapers down to a straight-line tail that delivers unmatched action when finesse-fishing.

A flattened back and ever-slight bulge in the belly make the Twitchtail a great choice for a day of utilizing light-line techniques. Infused with the exclusive PowerBait formula, fish will bite and hold on up to 18 times longer than other scented baits.

The bait comes in 15 colors chartreuse black fleck-orange, black shad, breen-clear chartreuse, chartreuse shad, clear golden shiner, clear bluegill, clear gold-black back, clear silver shiner, clear smelt, green-pumpkin, pearl watermelon shad, pearl white, perch, pink-pearl and smelt. A package of 12 retails for $4.29.

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