Fenwick HMX Rods Are Built To Last

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Fenwick HMX Series has stood head and shoulders above the competition as one of the favorite graphite rods that catches any fish, anywhere. HMX rods have a strong tradition as being among the most innovative rods maintaining the very best components, but at a wallet-friendly price.

Now the rods are better than ever.

Featuring a cross-scrim graphite construction, the HMX utilizes overlapping layers built from carbon fiber for enhanced strength and action. Each HMX rod includes a gun smoke frame with ultra-light aluminum oxide inserts.

These fish-catchers deliver a combination TAC and cork handle that gives anglers more comfort for all-day use. Rounding out the features of the HMX is a strong, lightweight graphite reel seat with cushioned stainless steel hood.

Each angler is different in needs for their rods, but with the Fenwick HMX, nearly every angler can be satisfied with the 52 different baitcast, spinning, steelhead casting and steelhead spinning models available.

Baitcast models are available in lengths from 60 to 116 in medium-light to extra-heavy actions. Spinning models range from 53 to 126 in extra-light to medium-heavy actions. Certain HMX casting and spinning are also available in two-piece versions that are perfect for the traveling angler.

Prices for the HMX rods start at $79.95. To learn more about Fenwick, click here.

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