Bait-Bag Transport Made Easy

Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo: Berkley

Carrying multiple bait bags can be difficult, and lugging them around and having them clutter up a tackle bag isnít the most enjoyable experience, either. The new Berkley Classics Max Capacity Notebook eliminates all those problems in one convenient solution.

With its six heavy-duty bags, anglers can store up to 24 bait bags without worry of disorder in a tackle bag.

Ideal for PowerBait, Gulp! and Havoc packaged baits, the Max Capacity Notebook offers anglers a unique hook-and-loop system that provides maximum storage capacity.

ID tags help anglers keep baits organized and easily accessible. The compact design allows for maximum use of boat locker storage space. The rubber handle makes for easy transportation.

MSRP for the Berkley Max Capacity Notebook is $9.99. For more about Berkley, click here.

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