Larger Bait, Same Great Action

Friday, January 25, 2013

Photo: Berkley

Following the popularity of the smaller line of Flicker Shads, Berkley introduces the largest Flicker Shad yet. The 9-centimeter (3.54-inch) Flicker Shad is precisely engineered to deliver the action anglers demand in a magnum-size bait.

The lure has a unique action creating a “flicker” that imitates fleeing baitfish. Each 9-cm Flicker Shad is tank-tested to run correctly right out of the box. Weight transfer provides bullet-like casts when fishing for bass or inshore species. Diving to 16 feet, the 9-cm Flicker Shad can be used for precision trolling to reach deeper fish without the use of downriggers. The larger profile will more easily catch the fish’s attention.

The pro-designed bait features Mustad Ultra Point hooks for deep-penetrating hook sets and a wide variety of colors to match any conditions. A handy card is included that helps the angler choose the correct dive curve simply by changing lines.

The bait is available in 12 colors – black gold sunset, black silver flash, chartreuse pearl, firetiger, pearl white, purple flash, prime time, racy shad, speckled black gold, speckled black silver, speckled gold shiner and Uncle Rico. It retails for $5.99.

For more about Berkley, click here.

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