Berkley Sunglasses Merge Science And Art

Friday, December 13, 2013

Photo: Berkley

Anglers rely on their eyes to catch more fish and protecting those eyes is vital. Berkley has developed a line of polarized sunglasses designed to enhance the surroundings in virtually any fishing situation while protecting an anglerís most valued asset Ė the eyes.

Teaming with top eyewear professionals, Berkley developed a line of eyewear that protects and enhances an anglerís on-the-water experience. The amount of testing in developing the Berkley sunglasses is a feat unto itself. Each Berkley polarized lens goes through rigorous testing and exceeds all global standards to guarantee the best optical quality available and a precision fit.

Each Berkley polarized sunglass lens goes through a "drop ball" test in which a 5/8-inch steel ball weighing more than half an ounce is dropped from 50 inches high directly onto the lens. Berkley sunglass lenses do not fracture or detach from the frame during this test, giving anglers a rock-solid polarized lens that will stand up to the toughest of elements.

Berkley went above industry standards by performing optical laser lens testing on all Berkley sunglasses. In that test, laser light is passed through lenses and projected onto targeted areas. Any refraction of the light beam outside the target area demonstrates failure. Berkley sunglasses pass the laser test easily.

Lens spectrometry, stress tests, 24-hour humidity testing and polarized and UV testing are also done to ensure each pair of Berkley sunglasses purchased is of the highest quality.

Along with standard testing procedures, Berkley frames are put through rigorous testing that exceeds the global sunglass industry standards. Berkley frames, hinges and polarized lenses are put through microscopic detail testing to give anglers confidence knowing their polarized sunglasses are precision-engineered, exceed standards and are as durable as possible.

Berkley polarized lenses are available in smoke, amber, copper and yellow. Mirror coatings are available in blue mirror, green mirror and red mirror, depending on the fram selected. Every polarized lens offered is scratch-resistant and has 100 percent ultraviolet protection.

The bottom line: Each pair of Berkley polarized sunglasses exceeds the global standards of traditional quality and comfort - representative of the passion that Berkley has in bringing only the very best products to market. Berkley sunglasses come in a wide arrangement of polarized lens and frame options.

MSRPs will range from $29.99 to $49.99. For more about Berkley, click here.

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