Lipless Seeker's Action: Tight Makes Right

Friday, November 15, 2013

Photo: Sebile

Catching fish in open water with little structure can be tough. The difference-maker is the Sebile Action First Lipless Seeker. Its tight wiggle is enough to entice bites from bass looking for an easy treat.

It excels in vegetation as well, as the Xternal Weight System drives the Seeker forward through vegetation, optimizing the internal chamber for more rattles to be placed.

The Sebile Lipless Seeker is a noisy, lipless search bait available in two sizes. Designed with the highest weight ratio of any Action First bait, the Lipless Seeker casts far, sinks fast, has an aggressive action and is perfect for burning over weed flats.

Another popular technique is ripping the Seeker or yo-yoing the bait over suspended fish.

When the bait sinks nose-down and comes to rest on the bottom, jerk the rod vertically. This accentuates the baitís vibration and rattle.

The Lipless Seeker is great for bedding fish and less-structured terrain where vegetation is the primary source of cover. Heavy brass beads in two chambers cause a high-pitched rattle that's ideal in stained to muddy waters.

The Lipless Seeker is offered in 2 1/2- and 3-inch models. The color lineup consists of black chrome, black gold, blue red craw, brown shad, chartreuse tiger, dark blue chrome, firetiger, golden ghost, green bass, greenback ghost, lime ghost, red orange craw, smokin' blue chrome, purple and spotted mess.

The MSRP for either size is $5.95. For more about Sebile, click here.

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